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Welcome To The ASHRAE Houston Hot Air Recorder


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President's Message




Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!   Yep, another year has come and gone. 


Last month we had Bill Lotz come in and share a few words about chilled water insulation.  He gave a great presentation and pointed out some things about insulation that I was not aware of.  Hopefully that was true with all of us.  If you missed the meeting you missed the truest definition of “old school” that I can think of.  I asked Bill if he has a power point presentation so I could download it to the computer.  He looked at me like a chicken playing a card trick and preceded to hand me papers to give to the audience.  I asked if he needed anything - microphone, computer.. or anything.  His response: “Nope just a bottle of water [old school]”.  Then he stated “What is the point of me being here if I have a Power Point anyone can read later? I am here so let them ask me some questions.” … Pretty smart guy. 


Anyway I’m digressing …. 


Elliot did a fantastic job at this year’s Fall ASHRAE Golf Tournament after everything was said and done we made a net profit for Research of over $16,000 … Kudos to you, Elliot!! 


There was not a December ASHRAE meeting ut I hope you participated in the cool activities planned on Dec 6th: There was a trifecta of activity with the SECO Conference, a Presentation on simulation tools from Kirsey Architects and a Donor Recognition event at Jackson’s Watering Hole. 


In January we have our past president’s evening dinner on the 16th. On the 26th we have the Annual Winter meeting in Dallas.  If you are interested in attending the winter meeting don’t delay and register today. And  please, please, please visit our website for more upcoming events.  


There maybe a few of you out there saying to yourself I want more out of ASHRAE.  Boy,  have I got great news for you.  Just follow these simple steps…Pay your dues, go to the monthly meetings, join a committee.  If you have no clue what committee you would like to join or what the committees are send me an email and I’ll get you pointed in the right direction. 


Don’t forget Technology Awards are another great opportunity to get recognized for your hard work and intellectual prowess.  Qualifying projects are those successful applications of innovation design which incorporate ASHRAE standards for effective energy management, indoor air quality and good mechanical design.  Categories for consideration include commercial buildings, institutional buildings, healthcare facilities, industrial facilities or processes, public assembly facilities, residential buildings and alternative or renewable energy use. Projects should have been completed prior to September 1, 2011. Contact Mike Donovan for an application or if you have questions. Applications are due in March 2013. 


I look forward to seeing you all,


Alan Neely
[email protected]
2012-2013 President ASHRAE Houston Chapter

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We are proud to say that the Houston Young Engineer’s in ASHRAE Chapter is the largest YEA chapter in the U.S. and continues to grow daily.

Just 3 years ago Houston created a YEA chapter, and since then we have grown significantly and more than we could’ve imagined.  We have grown not only in the number of members, but in the development and progress of the group and chapter as a whole.

Our goal is for everyone 35 and younger to get the full experience of being a young engineer and worker in this industry and in ASHRAE.   Being a member of YEA is a great way to expand your knowledge, get involved, meet fellow young engineers and workers in the industry, and have fun along the way!

We welcome all those who are 35 and younger in the industry to join us for the monthly meetings and happy hours.  The events will be posted monthly in the HAR.

Please let Christine Porterfield or Brennan Vierra know if you would like more information on becoming a member:

[email protected][email protected]

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